CXOWARE is a software company leading evolutionary advancements in quantitative risk software for information security and operational risk management.  For the first time, Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s) and Risk Officers have a decision-analysis solution that dramatically improves their ability to measure the monetary loss associated with information security & operational risk.  Armed with this new information, decision makers can now efficiently tailor risk mitigation budgets to the highest loss exposure areas, thus saving money and reducing liabilities to the business.

The CXOWARE decision analysis software is based on a proprietary methodology for quantifying risk called FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk). The FAIR methodology is patent-pending and wholly-owned by CXOWARE, which also manages the traditional publishing and training activities for FAIR users.

CXOWARE has also architected FAIR into an analytical software suite called RiskCalibrator and combined it with the power of Risk Knowledge databases.


Established Credibility

Factor Analysis of Information Risk has been established as an industry standard within the Information Security and Operational Risk disciplines.  FAIR, RiskCalibrator and it’s modules are being utilized by many of the Global Top 10-2000 companies today. The Testimonials Page and Resources page include references.


How It All Got Started

Ten years ago, the CISO of a Fortune 100 insurance and financial services company set out to find the answers to the questions facing our industry. The result of his effort was Factor Analysis of Information Risk, better known as FAIR. FAIR is a model for risk and risk management that provides an unparalleled ability to develop quantitative answers to questions like:

How much risk do we have? If I spend this money, how much less risk will we have? Which of our issues is most critical? Which of these mitigation approaches is going to be more cost-effective?

CXOWARE was started to help organizations take advantage of this new approach. Our methods can show you what to measure, how to measure, and how to derive meaning from those measurements.


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