Quantify Cybersecurity Risk in Financial Terms


Today, enterprises can track cybersecurity threats, but they struggle to quantify cybersecurity risk in financial terms that are meaningful to the rest of the business.

The RiskCalibrator Software-as-a-Service Enterprise Suite is the only risk management application built from the ground up on the FAIR methodology. The Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) framework provides unmatched risk analysis and business intelligence by combining best practice risk analysis with calibrated measurements.


Conduct scalable cyber security risk assessment – Includes executive reporting & cyber security stress testing


Rapidly evaluate common risk issues such as policy exceptions & audit findings

Single scenario analysis module for all forms of risk


Evaluate InfoSec maturity and compliance for Insurance, 3rd Party, amp M&A


Empowered by RiskCalibrator, enterprises can for the first time…


Accurately Calculate a Complete Cybersecurity Risk Profile

RiskCalibrator enables an organization to rapidly analyze their entire information risk landscape. It will simultaneously analyze all of your assets, multiple threats, and loss magnitude variations through self-generated scenarios. See your organization’s complete cybersecurity risk profile like never before.


Identify and Target Large Concentrations of Financial Loss Exposure

View a macro breakdown of organization aggregate loss exposure, loss exposure by asset category, loss event type (CIA), threat community, and control type. The end results are better informed decisions related to cybersecurity and organizational risk.


Forecast Required Liability Reserves and Cyber Insurance Requirements

RiskCalibrator allows you to monitor and track your risk landscape portfolio over time; this allows you to see where you’ve been and see where you’re going. Save money by making more cost-effective budget allocations and prioritize mitigation efforts where they are most impactful.


Clarify and Support a Range of Compliance Requirements

RiskCalibrator allows you to have more effective oversight and compliance, as well as fiduciary care structured to manage and lower loss exposure.


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