RiskCalibrator is a decision analysis application suite based on the Open Group Risk Analysis Standard, Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR).

RiskCalibrator software enables you to:

  • Analyze Information Security & Operational Risk
  • Identify Highest Loss Exposure Areas
  • Monitor & Track your Risk Landscape over time

 Value Gained from RiskCalibrator software:

  • Drives Better Informed Decision Making
  • Improves the ability to Prioritize Risk Mitigation Budgets
  • Better Manages or Reduces Financial Loss Exposure

The application suite includes the following application modules:


The CyberRisk module is purpose-built to enable an organization to rapidly analyze their entire information risk landscape. It will simultaneously analyze multiple assets, multiple threats, and loss magnitude variations through self-generated scenarios. Its use of sensitivity analysis on every variable provides unique insight into where an organization is fragile or robust to changes in threats, as well as potentially hidden opportunities to improve cost-effectiveness.   Learn More about CyberRisk >>


FAIRiq software has lead an evolutionary advancement in quantitative information security and operational risk analysis.  FAIRiq is built as the foundational decision-analysis application enabling an organization to measure economic loss associated with information security & operational risk.  FAIRiq is designed to analyze a single risk scenario or multiple discrete risk scenarios.  Sophisticated data mining and reporting enable the analyst to analyze before & after scenarios, multiple discrete scenarios side-by-side, and tabular-form reporting for unlimited scenario analysis reviews.    Learn More about FAIRiq >>