Take your Career to the Next Level

Security’s value proposition is its ability to affect risk (the frequency and magnitude of loss).  As a result, those professionals who understand how to quantify risk are able to bridge the gap, provide exceptional value, and distinguish themselves from their peers.

Evolve beyond “checklist land” by answering questions for management like:

  • Accurately assess aggregate IT and cybersecurity loss exposure
  • Identify control weaknesses and concentrations of risk
  • Estimate capital reserves and cyber insurance requirements
  • Optimize security mitigation budgets and project priorities
  • Support oversight, governance, and compliance requirements


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FAIR Analyst Basic Training

All analysts successfully completing the sessions qualify for formal CPE credits and will be issued a Certificate of Completion.  At the conclusion of training, analysts will have the opportunity to test for FAIR certification. FAIR certification is issued by The Open Group; testing through Prometric.com.

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