The FAIR Advantage

 Risk Analysis Training That Makes a Difference


The FAIR Analyst Course is the foundation upon which an organization can build an effective approach to risk analysis and risk management. The importance of this foundation can be described in a logical progression:

FAIR provides a framework, and FAIR Analysts have the understanding and tools needed to accurately model risk.  Simply put, an organization will make better-informed decisions because management is being given accurate, useful information by those with FAIR training.

Examples of where FAIR can be leveraged include, but aren’t limited to:

  • More objective and defensible prioritization of audit and security findings
  • Business case development for information security initiatives
  • Cost-benefit comparisons between remediation options
  • Policy exception decisions

FAIR is more than innovative risk modeling. Effective communication, calibration (a method for making better measurements), and analyses are key components of the training focus.

  • Standardizing risk terminology in any organization will streamline communication and provide clarity regarding the risk landscape.
  • Calibration allows for subject matter experts to make accurate estimates in the absence of hard data.
  • While calibration is helping to bridge the information gaps, those gaps are getting smaller as our analysis framework and tools let organizations know exactly where to find hard data.  In many cases data already exist and FAIR-trained analysts know how to find and leverage these data.

Course Outline

  • Risk concepts and terminology
  • The FAIR taxonomy
  • How to evaluate risk scenarios using FAIR
  • Which data are required to perform risk analyses
  • Where to find the data you never knew you had
  • How to generate defensible quantitative estimates
  • The principles of calibration

Training Details

CXOWARE offers two training options — onsite or online.  The course content is the same in both options.

Onsite Training

Most onsite training is performed at client locations, although CXOWARE does occasionally hold classes that are open to the public.  The course is twenty hours long, and can be held over two and one-half consecutive days (2 eight-hour days and 1 four-hour day), or five half-days.

The cost for onsite training is $14,000 for up to 12 students.  We strongly encourage organizations to invite colleagues from other departments (e.g., Internal Audit, Compliance, Privacy, etc.) to attend the training too so that everyone has the same understanding of, and terminology for, risk.

Online Training

The FAIR eCourse 3.0 has been updated with the latest content and has added more media to help cover the basics with more breadth and depth than ever before. This is the premier online training option to learn Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR); the foundation for The Open Group’s Risk Standard.

The course is still only four (4) days in length. As it has been for nearly four years, this is a hybrid of Self-Paced CBT (computer-based training) and Live Discussion with an expert FAIR Instructor.

– Expect to spend between one (1) and two (2) hours covering the material prior to the Live Discussion.

– The Live Discussion (or Live Session) may take up to ninety (90) minutes on all four (4) days.

The cost for online training is $1299 per student, which includes a single-seat one-year subscription to the FAIRu web based application (Please refer to CXOWARE for Authorized Business Partner Licensing Programs).

Group discounts for online training are available.  Please speak with a CXOWARE representative or an Authorized Business Partner to learn more.

Certificate of Completion & CPE Credits

All students that complete the prerequisite study materials and attend the class will be issued a FAIR Analyst Certificate of Completion and awarded 15 CPE credits.  The certificate will be emailed in electronic/PDF form.


FAIR certification is available through The Open Group with testing through


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