FAIRiq Application Training

The basics of FAIRiq application are taught during the FAIR Basic and Advanced training sessions.  Additional training may be necessary to integrate the application into an organization.  Training on organization administration, security controls, reporting, and special features and options will provide an organization with an excellent platform serving as the foundation for their quantitative financially-driven risk management program.

Training Details

CXOWARE offers two training options — onsite or online.  The course content is the same in both options.

Online Training

Online training takes place over two days during the week and is comprised of daily self-paced modules as well as daily interactive webinar sessions with an instructor.  Experience has shown that it typically requires approximately two and one-half hours per day for a student to complete the training.  Timing of the instructor-led sessions is flexible so that it can fit into busy schedules.

The cost for online training is $599 per student, however group discounts are available.  Please speak with a CXOWARE representative to learn more.

Onsite Training

Onsite training is performed at client locations.  The course spans four hours, normally a morning session or an afternoon session.  The cost for onsite training is $5,400 for up to 6 students.  We strongly encourage organizations to invite colleagues from supporting departments, internal audit, or trusted external information security auditing firms so that everyone has the same understanding of the application.


Everyone who attends training receives access to the FAIRiq System Administrator and Analyst features of the application.

Certificate of Completion

All students that complete the prerequisite study materials and attend the class will be issued a FAIR Analyst Certificate of Completion and awarded 5 CPE credits.  The certificate will be emailed in electronic/PDF form.

Course Outline

Application Overview

  • Platform Design
  • Security
  • Audit Documentation

System Administration

  • Organization Configuration
  • Department Settings
  • Group Membership & Security
  • Analyst Properties
  • System Messages & Logs

Home Page

  • Logon & Security
  • Custom Settings
  • Widget selection


  • Asset Libraries
  • Loss Magnitude Libraries
  • Threat Community Libraries
  • Premium Threat Community Libraries

AnalysisList Filter

  • Profile Information Tabs
  • Graphical User Interface
    • -Factors
    • -Rationale
    • -Controls
  • Tabular Interface
  • Understanding Results
  • Summary & Detail Reports


  • Active View Lists
  • Archive View Lists
  • Filter Criteria
  • Custom Filters
  • Print to PDF
  • Export To Excel Function
  • Special Graphs & Tables